Planning Offers Peace of Mind

Pre-Planning a funeral is becoming a common practice. More & more people recognize that planning a funeral in advance lessens the burden for those you love. It provides a personal peace of mind that everything is in order.

Why Pre-Plan? The subject of funerals is never an easy subject to discuss. Dealing with the death of a loved one means making major emotional and financial decisions in a limited amount of time. Family and friends are left to deal with numerous and necessary details that can leave loved one’s feeling extremely overwhelmed. Exploring the many Pre-Planning options available and taking the time to Pre-Plan your funeral may be one of the kindest things you can do for those you love most.

We’ve prepared 10 Tips in Funeral Planning:

1) Do it now, while you and family members are healthy. The best time to do it is when everyone can devote the time and attention it deserves.

2) Funeral planning is more than writing your will. Wills are read after the funeral. The only way to be sure your wishes are carried out is to plan your funeral in detail with the assistance of a funeral professional who can keep your specific choices on file.

3) Base your decision on more than price. It’s important to completely understand which services are offered and which you really want. The trustworthiness of the funeral home, the quality of the facilities and the experience of the staff is essential.

4) When comparing price know what’s included and what’s not. Compare separately the service fees versus merchandise fees at each firm.

5) Do more than shop over the phone. It’s important to inspect the facility, and meet the people who will be making the arrangements.

6) Ask about guarantees. A professional funeral home will offer a satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to ask about this, and request that the funeral home explain it to you in detail.

7) Cremation options have many variables. We’re happy to explain the entire process so that you understand all the steps, and the costs, you will encounter.

8) Look for personalization and attention to detail. We believe that your funeral should be as unique as you are. Personalizing the service makes it more memorable for everyone.

9) Consider the reputation of the funeral home. An established firm with a strong reputation offers peace of mind in knowing that all the details will be carried out as planned.

10) Ask what we can do for you afterwards. We’re here to assist you with the necessary documents and certificates, as well as referrals to grief counselors, support groups, memorial services, follow-up visitations, literary resources and much more.

It’s an important decision….one that can lead to a healing experience and the creation of cherished memories that last a lifetime. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with our facility, staff, services and merchandise. So stop in sometime, and ask questions. We’re here to help.

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